things people have said about our work

“With Soundskills, our children feel anything is possible and their dreams are achievable.” – Jayne Verity, Headteacher, Brookfield community Primary School.


“Staff at Soundskills are adept at engaging even the most ‘hard to reach’ young people and giving them opportunities to develop a skills set related to music, media and art….highly recommended.” – Christine Mitchell, Manager Orchard Programme.


“Chris worked with some of our service users who live in our supported accommodation to create an information DVD for new service users. Chris was fantastic with the service user film crew: not only did they develop skills in film making, they also grew in confidence as the project went along, due to Chris’s kind, understanding and compassionate approach. He is highly skilled in making people feel at ease and that they can achieve great things”. – Katherine Allen, Senior Manager, Service User and Carer Engagement and Leadership, Adult Mental Health Network.


I’ve been coming to Soundskills for about four years now learning guitar and making my own graphic art on photoshop. Soundskills treat you like an adult and you can have a laugh here and I enjoy it because everybody is funny, mature and they help you out with whatever it is you need help with. Soundskills is the place to be. – Tom, referral from a PRU.


The video made such a big difference to the day, you could have heard a pin drop when it was playing. It was professional and clearly got the message across about what the team can offer. – Sgt. Helen Dixon, Preston Early Action Team.